Bike to Work Day- 5/16/08

May 8, 2008 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Well geeze, if you don’t know that Friday May 16th is Bike to Work Day…you must be OK with the rising price of fuel and the growing expanse of your waistline. These things are not so hot in my book, so I’ll be down at Papa Wheelies Friday morning , the only place in town giving out free fuel for your ride. They will be flippin’ pancakes and serving hot coffee starting at 6am so you can breeze in to your job and grab that front row parking space, the bike rack!

Yes, yes, you don’t know a quick route from your home to your job. You don’t want to have helmet hair for that biweekly staff meeting where there’s always way to yummy donuts. Well, what can I say…you could easily burn upwards of 200 calories on your ride into work, and save a few bucks on that gallon of gas…might it be worth it? Open up Google Maps and look at some side roads that connect the dots between your home and destination. Those 25mph zones you avoid while speeding in late to work are great for a safe and energizing ride to start, what I predict, will be a highly productive work day, and the beginning of a long and sustainable life style. See you on the road!