The onliest Browser Bot you will ever need

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CopBrowser - The perfect solution for any Queue, helps you to pass them with ease


Check our features out.
You don't want to miss it.

Undetectable Autofill

We are using undetectable Autofill for following Sites: YEEZYSUPPLY, Shopify, SNKRS, Adidas. The only thing you have to do is to click CHECKOUT.

Undetectable Browser

Our Browser Solution is custom coded and undetectable for every Site. You dont have to worry about Bot Protection as every WIN is checked out manually.

Splash Pass Alert

Receive instantly Discord messages when a task pass splash page. We also provide success message so you can easily flex your WINS :)

Simple UI

Nobody wants an difficult interface. Manage your Tasks easily.

Manage your Tasks

On your tasks dashboard you can easily manage your tasks. Mass edit, check the status or stopthem at one time. You will never lose the overview.

Multiple Profiles

You ask, we deliver.
Add unlimited profiles with CopBrowser.

Multiple Profiles Support

No one like it to use just one profile. With CopBrowser you can create unlimited profiles. Enter Shipping, Billing and Nike Account info to checkout multiple pairs.

Multiple Proxy Pools

Everyone hates only one Proxy Pool. We got you covered.

Multiple Proxy Support

Whether if you want an own proxy pool for YeezySupply or Adidas, CopBrowser got you covered.

„The best Browser bot I ever had, especially because of the price“

Best Thing - The Price

Never pay overpriced Bots again

Most of Browser Bots charge 20-25$. Also Browser Spoofer. MONTHLY!!! We always wanted to be cheap and give you LIFETIME access to all these features for the same price as they charge MONTHLY

Up to Date Features

In contrast to other bors, we extend our features regulary. Just write a suggestion under #suggestions and we will try to add it. For Free!

One Time Fee

We never charge you again, just one time 45$ LIFETIIME. Tell us one other bot with the same features who does this

Beautiful Dashboard, Easy Activation


We are using a custom coded browser which can not be detected by any Bot Protection.

You never have to think about that, just cook release for release!


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